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Professional Experience

Technical Lead @ Exatorial Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

Timeline: Sept 2022 - Present

  1. Authorization system
    • Supports three level in authorization - workspaces, roles, permissions
    • Implements parts of ReBAC, RBAC and ABAC authorizations to fit custom needs
    • Synchronous (+ non-network call) APIs to check permissions on the frontend
    • Frontend UI to grant permissions, create roles and workspaces and scopes
  2. Customer Relationship Management
    • CRM for lead checkups, conversions, marketing campaigns as an extension to the base product
    • Featured with priority, spam checks and intuitive UI
  3. JSON Schema Form Builder
    • Make forms and store them as JSON to use/render in multiple places
    • Analytics and reports on the results of the forms
  4. Leadership
    • Helping and mentoring interns and other developers in my team
    • Wrote documentation for the entire application for internal employees
    • Technical documentation, project management, suggestions and improvements
  5. Others
    • Writing custom scripts to quickly scaffold a tenant, deploy, update or purge caches the entire application
    • Built an Extension store to buy/install/update/uninstall extensions on top of the current software to enhance workflow
    • Built the whole searching and indexing system to search the entire workspace, everything at a central place
    • Integrated tracking tools like GoogleTagManager, GoogleAnalytics, Sentry etc.
    • Flow Builder for defining custom flows based on event driven architecture

Web Developer @ Trakkia Technologies

Timeline: Sept 2022 - Jan 2023

  1. Custom Dashboard Builder
    • Built a custom dashboard builder for the clients to create their own dashboards
    • Customizable dashboard widgets and rendering position/sizes
  2. Tooling and Performance
    • Reduced the frontend build times from 72+ minutes to <12 minutes
    • Set up CI/CD for automatic deployments to AWS

Software Developer Intern @ Meta16Labs

Timeline: Jan 2022 - May 2022

  1. Worked with OPD, Camps, Patient journey and history management on MetaHOS software
  2. Implemented the WhatsApp and SMS services on the backend