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Why Next.Js is not for your next big project

You better put efforts on prior discussion before sticking to a certain opinionated frameworks

Series: React

Episodes: (3/3)
  1. Taking a lot of memory under the hood (*)

    • We were on for micro-frontends and the case with Next.Js is just bizarre. Even with the new SWC support, Next.Js build time limits developer productivity and limits us in our endeavors
    • We were running a single base core and three micro-frontend applications inside it with plugins for Next.Js. The memory just shot up till the point the machine does not respond. It was a huge disaster working with it.
    • The worst thing is that the same code logic, message passing, and inter-micro-frontend communication was seamless with the core react (Vite/SWC + Typescript )
    • Finally, we had to rewrite all our efforts in the past six months to migrate to the new (Core React) part.
  2. Compiling time sucks even with the new SWC

    • As explained earlier too, the load times were very high even with all the optimizations we could think of. This may be our specific use cases, but this is a problem and I cannot vouch for Next.Js anymore now.
  3. API routes cannot be used in Next.Js Page level functions like getServersideProps or getStaticProps

    • Let's suppose you create an API endpoint under /api/hello.ts . You cannot use it in page-level functions like getServersideProps or getStaticProps .
    • I know, it may be the case that the /api routes are not compiled till the point you get to work with it, especially at build times, but if you vouch for it being a full-stack framework, it must be the bare minimum.
    • There are certain hacks with it, like using functions in place of API routes in those page-level functions.
  4. it is not a full-stack framework

    • Next.Js is very good when it comes to SEO, filesystem-based routing etc and these are the juicy parts. These are not the first priority when it comes to mission-critical apps. Next.Js is very good when it comes to small toy projects but I don't count on it.
    • Surely, it does some things really well but at the same time, becomes a pain in the ass managing stuff.
    • Full stack does not come with just making API routes and functions. It has a plethora of other use cases which Next.Js barely touches.
    • Things like
      • Monitoring
      • Logging
      • Background tasks
      • Request queues
      • Server-Sent Events
      • Web Sockets
      • Async Processing
      • Message broker within apps
      • Inter-services communication

These things are not available with Next.Js. Almost every time when I chose Next.Js for my projects, I had to make a separate dedicated server for the API and not rely on Next.Js' way to build APIs. This brings a lot of frustration and overwork on the developer side. I think this is more of a serverless architecture problem, rather than Next.Js Problem. But I wrote this in context of Next.Js because if you are not a full-stack framework, you better not advertise it so.