Completed the "Fundamentals of Networking for Efficient Backend Design Course"


Shifted to Trakkia as a Frontend Developer Intern
Joined Yantraksh as a Frontend Developer intern
Lead the #30daysOfGoogleCloud GCCP 2022 as a Cloud Facilitator from GDSC-JMI
Became GDSC Cloud Lead at JMI
Started making an opensource NPM package (dsa-js)
Started Open Source Organization in my college
Started building Spark India (B2B marketplace)
Completed the JMI Connect (Social Media App, Team Project)
Joined m16Labs as Softwre Engineering Intern
Participated in the PyTorch Annual Hackathon, 2021


Joined VInnovate Technologies as a Product Engineering Intern
Released my blog website (Cubicle)
Completed the #30daysofgooglecloud program
Secured #2 at Hack-JMI Hackathon, 2020
Got first payment from freelancing
Joined IEEE-CS JMI as Web Development team lead
Joined The Jamia Review as Web Development Team Lead
Participated as a team lead for E-Yantra Fighting Covid-19 Hackathon
Wrote my first article on linkedIn and
Made my first youtube tutorial video
Got 5★ on hackerrank in programming with python
Completed the Python for everybody specialisation
Completed the Google IT support Specialisation